Bottom Feeders and Vipers 

(a blog about forgiveness)

What is a bottom feeder? What does Jay mean when he says vipers? How exactly does this tie into forgiveness?

Well recently, I was experiencing a rise of hate crimes in my area… not the physical racially motivated ones but the peer to peer related activity that attempts to defame you. Most times I ignore them and move on but when the mess is happening to you right in your back yard it can be a bit more challenging to ignore. 

It doesn’t bother me much when people are talking nonsense about you until it seems like it starts following you around. These particular instances keep piling up on you during a FULL, Super moon. It’s like someone stepping in some sh%#! and the smell keeps following you around the room. You take a sniff… look around… Sniff again… Now you begin to frown up at the stench and don’t let it continue to follow you into your car or home. Something has to be done immediately!

I would tell you what rumors I personally have dealt with but I would be circulating the lies and thats giving it momentum. If they said it, then it was repeated and then it gets to me and then I tell you and thats about 4 or 5 rounds of momentum right there alone. I won’t give it any momentum or even give them enjoyment. People should really pay attention to their own backyards because some things I know about them, (that I am pretty sure it is factual) isn’t worth destroying them over. It boils down to the fact that I am so busy that I  just don’t have time for mess. I’d like to know how many people know that just because you don’t expose these idiots doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve it. They seem to find time to come for you in a major way!

A bottom feeder is one who has no new ideas and lingers around to steal or mooch off of your ideas and even your success. They want your shine. They use you as a muse for them but don’t ever want to give you proper credit. They want it all even if they have to jack you for it. Vipers and snakes are backstabbers who smile in your face but talk much ish about you behind your back. I don’t like to be around them because they are major phony and totally inauthentic. All I can do is pray for them to come around.

When dealing with energy, I attempt to remain equanimous (centered) so that I am not thrown off my square. What that does is make it easier to forgive if they should change from their wicked, negative ways. See its like balancing on a see saw. What ultimately happens when they turn around from their wicked ways,(energetically) it aligns them to the light side. Like Star Wars, they become a part of the good guys. I’m not saying that there are not ramifications because there may be a few from a spiritual, emotional and even a natural perspective.

You can’t stop a cars momentum going 90 mph nor expect things to simply stop on the dime. If some things have taken a few years to develop, it may take a few months or years to undo the damage. Just be patient.

When you don’t forgive and they are on the right side of positive flowing current then you become the low-frequency villain or the bad-vibe attractor. You don’t want the energetic frequencies to get flipped on you and now you can’t stand to see them when they come around, and start what seems justified to now start hating them. My advice is to keep your distance and keep watching. There is nothing wrong with separating yourself for a season but I would suggest you do a reevaluation at a maximum of 7 years. It’s like a probationary period. 

Let people be who they are. Let their brand speak for themselves. They could be total A%#holes for sure. In the end, let them turn away from wicked ways. Once they do there is an obligation to forgive. Thats why I continue to speak up to say that “Forgiveness is Mandatory”, because it is!

-Jay Danzie